Real-Time Data Storage

In many industrial fields, Big Data has become increasingly important. Numerous applications already benefit from the every growing data quantities and some are made possible to begin with through them. Especially in fields such as measurement and test technologies, these data can be utilized effectively in order to generate high-precision results and evaluations.

Besides the capturing of data, such as from industrial cameras, storage is a crucial element for their efficent use. For this, data sets not only require to be written on storage mediums without loss at high throughput rates, they often also need to be fetched at the same speed. Built on the Storage Module this field of development at Kithara focuses specifically on the storaging of data in real time in order to ensure their profitable implementation into demanding projects.


Real-time data storage with the modular system of Kithara RealTime Suite consists of the following components:

Storage Module

Real-time data storage via solid-state drives

  • Common
  • Features
  • Supported Hardware
  • Extensions

The Storage Module introduces real-time data storage via SSD with the most recent capacities. This way, via the NVMe interface, big amounts of data can be written as well as read with speeds of several Gbyte/s. UDF is provided as data system, which also allows for packet writing.

Maximum of one Storage Device, above requires Storage Device Extension.

  • Real-time data storage via NVMe SSD with the most recent capacities
  • High-speed reading and writing with several Gbyte/s
  • UDF file system
  • Requires RealTime Tasking Module

The Storage Module supports NVMe specifications 1.0 to 1.4. Currently approved devices are:

  • Intel NVMe SSD P3700/P3600/P3520/750 Series
  • Intel NVMe SSD DC P3520 Series
  • Intel NVMe SSD DC P4511 Series
  • Intel NVMe SSD 600p Series
  • Samsung NVMe SSD 950 Series
  • Samsung NVMe SSD 960 Series
  • Samsung NVMe SSD 970 Series
  • Samsung NVMe SSD 980 Series
  • Corsair NVMe SSD MP510 Force Series
  • HGST NVMe SSD Ultrastar SN200/SN260 Series
  • Micron NVMe SSD 9300 MAX
  • Seagate NVMe FireCuda 530
  • Toshiba NVMe SSD XG6
  • VirtualBox NVMe disk

Storage Device Extension

Extension for using additional Storage Devices

  • Extended Level: up to 4
  • Unlimited Level (requires Extended Level): unlimited

Storage RAID Extension

Real-time data storage with multiple NVMe SSDs in RAID 0 groups, multiplied storage capacity and throughput rates.

PCAPng Module

Real-time data storage in PCAPng format

  • Common
  • Features
  • Supported Hardware

The PCAPng Module (PCAP Next Generation) allows for real-time data storage of complex hierarchically structured measurement data in PCAPng format. PCAPng is a Wireshark-supported data format for capturing data packets within networks. This way, Wireshark is used for the later analysis of stored measurement data.

  • Real-time data storage in PCAPng format
  • Wireshark used for reading stored data sets such as measurement data or even image data
  • Requires Storage Module

MDF Module

Real-time data storage in MDF

  • Common
  • Features
  • Supported Hardware

The MDF Module allows for real-time data storage of complex hierarchically structured measurement data in Measurement Data Format. MDF 4.1 is a binary file format provided by ASAM for the evaluation or long-term storage of recorded and calculated data sets. The file size depends solely on the used hardware (meaning up to terabyte range).

  • Real-time data storage in MDF
  • Support for MDF 4.1, downward compatible to earlier versions
  • Writing of files with virtually any size (264 Bytes)
  • Storing of raw messages from the busses CAN, LIN, FlexRay and automotive Ethernet
  • Requires Storage Module