Kithara RealTime Suite—Real Time for Windows

Kithara RealTime Suite is a real-time extension for Windows. It consists of over 20 different function modules that can be freely combined. The potential fields of application are nearly endless and range from hardware communication to industrial automation and machine vision as well as automotive engineering.

Some of the core features

Real Time and Windows

Real time and Windows:
The best of both Worlds

Combine extremely efficient real-time capabilities that meet even industrial high-tech standards with the benefits of the world's most popular operating system.

Timers with frequencies of over 20 kHz

Clocked to real time

Create high-performance timers with stunning fre­quen­cies of 20 kHz and more and marvel at their accurate pre­ci­sion. Tactfully turn your real-time applications into the core element of your project.

Real time in 32 and 64 bit

KiK64: However you want it

Are you programming in 32 or 64 bit? Would you like to run a 32-bit ap­pli­ca­tion on 64-bit Windows? What usually is not possible for real-time ap­pli­ca­tions, is provided to you as a powerful tool in the form of the unique KiK64 function.

Multitasking real-time system

VIP multitasking:
Very Important Processes

First things first—the high-performance multitasking system utilizes 255 generously dimensioned priority levels to reliably make sure that you always have absolute control over your most important processes—priority-based, preemptive, flexibly programmable.

Real Time for Communication, Automation, Machine Vision, Automotive und Big Data

Always the right interface

With Kithara RealTime Suite you have the latest tech­nolo­gies at your fingertips. From hardware and network com­mu­ni­ca­tion to automation and machine vision to automotive and big data, you control your project with the most crucial standards, molded into a single powerful real-time system.

Useful tools for the development of your real-time environment

For every task the optimal tool

A smooth development process is the dream of every pro­gram­mer. For this purpose, we provide you with helpful tools.

Scalable hardware from low- to high-end

From toaster to supercomputer

From absolute low-end to extreme high-end—even a simple PC yields amazing real-time results. Or would you rather use a computer with 48 logical CPUs? Kithara Realtime Suite takes your machine to the next level.

Modular real-time system

Your requirements.
Your software.

Real Time does not have to be expensive. You only buy what you require. Put together your very own software from over 20 highly effective modules, per­fect­ly tailored to you.

Real-time drivers

As close as possible to the interface

The best software begins with the hardware. Our in-depth real-time drivers start exactly where it matters most—at the numerous hardware interfaces of you PC.

Other Features