Berlin, March 10th, 2020

RAID 0 in Real Time

Support for RAID 0 groups in real time

Kithara Software has announced support for real-time data storage via RAID 0. This way, Kithara RealTime Suite allows for multiple linked SSDs to read and write data in real time, while multiplying storage capacity and throughput rate accordingly.

Due to the continued development of real-time-capable data storage, users of the Kithara real-time system are now able to also use multiple combined solid-state drives. By employing a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks), several SSDs with NVMe interface are interconnected, resulting in capacity and throughput rate to be multiplied by the number of linked storage mediums. This so-called stripe depth can be freely configured according to individual requirements. The already high speeds of the storage function are therefore increased further and reach into the double-digit Gbyte/s range, even during continuous operation. Write and read accesses are still processed within the real-time context of Kithara RealTime Suite.

“Demand for big data in real time is high and, likewise, data storage has become an increasingly important topic for many of our customers. Thus, it is all the more important that we provide users with the relevant tools in order to react as efficiently as possible to these new requirements. The ability to also incorporate RAID groups into real-time data storage systems is a crucial element for the scalability of applications that are based on data acquisition”, Uwe Jesgarz, managing director of Kithara Software GmbH, explained.

The RAID function of Kithara RealTime Suite is an important addition for real-time-capable storage of large amounts of data, such as image and sensor data.