Real-Time Data Storage

In many industrial fields, Big Data has become increasingly important. Numerous applications already benefit from the every growing data quantities and some are made possible to begin with through them. Especially in fields such as measurement and test technologies, these data can be utilized effectively in order to generate high-precision results and evaluations.

Besides the capturing of data, such as from industrial cameras, storage is a crucial element for their efficent use. For this, data sets not only require to be written on storage mediums without loss at high throughput rates, they often also need to be fetched at the same speed. Built on the Storage Module this field of development at Kithara focuses specifically on the storaging of data in real time in order to ensure their profitable implementation into demanding projects.


Real-time data storage with the modular system of Kithara RealTime Suite consists of the following components::



  • 普通
  • 特征
  • 硬件支持

存储模块通过SSD引入具有最新容量的实时数据存储。这样,通过NVMe接口,可以以超过2 Gbyte/s的读写速度写入和读取大量数据。 UDF作为数据系统提供,也允许数据包写入。

  • 通过具有最新容量的NVMe SSD实时存储数据
  • 高速读写速度超过2 Gbyte/s
  • UDF数据系统


  • Intel Solid-State Drive P3700/P3600/P3520/750 Series
  • Intel Solid-State Drive DC P3520 Series
  • Intel Solid-State Drive 600p Series
  • Samsung 950 SSD
  • HGST Ultrastar SN200 Series
  • VirtualBox Solid State Disk



  • 普通
  • 特征
  • 硬件支持

PCAPng模块(PCAP Next Generation)允许以PCAPng格式实时存储复杂的分层结构测量数据。下一代PCAP是Wireshark支持的数据格式,用于捕获网络中的数据包。 这样,Wireshark可用于以后对存储的测量数据进行分析。

  • PCAPng格式的实时数据存储
  • Wireshark用于读取存储的数据集,例如测量数据甚至图像数据
  • 基于 存储模块

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  • 普通
  • 特征
  • 硬件支持

MDF模块允许以测量数据格式实现复杂分层结构测量数据的实时数据存储。MDF 4.1是ASAM提供的二进制文件格式,用于评估或长期存储记录和计算的数据集。文件大小仅取决于使用的硬件(意味着文件大小高达TB)。

  • MDF中的实时数据存储
  • Support for MDF 4.1, downward compatible to earlier versions
  • Writing of files with virtually any size (264 Bytes)
  • Storing of raw messages from the busses CAN, LIN, FlexRay and automotive Ethernet
  • 基于 存储模块

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