Berlin, April 1st, 2023

NEW: Ultimate Real Time Now Easier than Ever [UPDATE]

Apreal Time

When important state guests are making their way through the captial in their armored limousines, the rest of the traffic comes to a standstill. Traffic lights turn red, police officers on motorcycles close intersections and block other road users, thus ensuring the VIPs have priority in getting through. This observation gave our highly qualified employees a groundbreaking idea. Until now, the real-time system Kithara RealTime Suite avoided Windows-based delays by using complex and laborious procedures such as the Dedicated Mode. The effort alone, that had to be made to boot the real-time system on separate cores right from the start, testifies to this effort.

Instead of the cumbersome fiddling with Dedicated Mode, handlers and task schedulers, Kithara now takes a fundamentally new approach with the NoTime Module. This module acts like a bodyguard, safely escorting its target uninterrupted through the crowd. Like some kind of tunnel, the module encloses the application software and rejects any calls from the operating system and other applications via the API interface by replying: "No time, I am busy!". This way, the application is entirely undisturbed and can complete its program in total real time. This makes delays and interruptions a thing of the past. Any values concerning jitter and deviations from the setpoint equal zero. By the way, the NoTime Module works with any Windows application, even ressource-hungry 3D games.

In one fell swoop, this new approach makes all other modules of Kithara RealTime Suite redundant. Further, the use of the new module is completely uncomplicated, expensive developers are no longer needed. Like any other software, it can be simply installed and remains entirely passive in the background. Via the context menu in the task bar, the NoTime Module can be activated for the selected application that requires real time. From that point on, any undesired processes of other applications are reliably suppressed. The no longer necessary task scheduler is halted. It also increases battery life on laptops by drastically reducing power consumption thanks to shutting down unused CPU cores.


Unfortunately, the App Store has rejected the NoTime Module with the vague explanation of it being too good to be true. We agree with this assessment.

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