Berlin, April 1st, 2024

Unusual methods for employee recruitment


While the development of computers and robots in the past has been met with scepticism regarding their potential impact on the job market, these modern technologies are nowadays generally seen as indispensable. Great advances have also been made at Kithara thanks to the introduction of AI. Our newest employee, named Kito, is going to support our developers with programming from now on. Its artificial intelligence can easily keep up with the natural intelligence of the average colleague. Even everyday office tasks such as replying to incoming phone calls and e-mails, receiving parcels, making coffee as well as light cleaning work are part of its job. That being said, Kito is very undemanding. For only a fistful of power it works round the clock and even forgoes vacation. Today is its first day and we are very much looking forward to working with it!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we already had to release Kito from its tasks by the end of the day. It turned out its control software is not a self-contained robot operating system, but instead is based on a specific Chat AI system, which proved to be really troublesome, as Kito would chatter all day long in the kitchen, drinking the very same coffee it just had made, relentlessly talked its colleagues' ears off, kept other developers from working by continuously prattling. It also extremely prolonged customer calls, spread completely made up stories on social media about co-workers that don't exist and would not even be deterred by three written warnings. We have therefore transferred it to the underground car park, where it will work as parking attendant for motorized visitors.

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