Berlin, April 1st, 2021

Never Forget with the Cerebral Module

Unterstützung von gPTP

Kithara Software, specialist for real time, has announced the Cerebral Module, which creates an audio-based interface that enables real-time access to the hippocampus. This allows for undelayed fetching as well as processing of certain memories within the same real-time context.

Based on the developments for real-time data storage with SSDs, the Berlin software company has now finished support for another storage medium—the human brain. Via headphones, binary-coded audio streams are transmitted in order to stimulate specific areas of the brain, thus allowing for immediate reactions to memory accesses. The result is an instantaneous call of requested memories in a hard real-time context. Depending on the selected modules, the applicable memory fields can be mundane (names, appointments, birthdays) and even specialized subjects. In this manner, a mathematician could have direct access to all learned formulae, musicians can play full-length concerts without a sheet and the surgeon remembers where he accidentally left the scalpel.

The Cerebral Module requires both the Memory Module as well as the Storage Module.


Important Update from April 2nd, 2021: Unfortunately, the release of the Cerebral Module has been postponed indefinitely as we cannot remember where we stored the source code. Maybe we will remember it by the next April 1st.

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