Berlin, July 6th, 2021

Kithara and PLC2 Design cooperate for ADAS development

Passthrough and Mirroring

Kithara Software GmbH in cooperation with PLC2 Design GmbH have successfully implemented the integration of the frame grabber card
PGC-1000 into the real-time operating system Kithara RealTime Suite. This allows for image data loggers in a real-time context to be significantly accelerated.

Thanks to the ongoing cooperation between the two companies over the past years, specially developed real-time drivers for the PCIe frame grabber card by PLC2 have been created. Embedded in Kithara RealTime Suite, the PGC-1000 is able to almost completely offload the CPU for image acquisition processes within machine vision applications. This allows, for instance, to simultaneously capture up to four GigE Vision camera streams each with 10 Gbit/s. The real-time synchronization of multiple cameras via the PTP function by Kithara is also possible.

The fields of application lie foremost in demanding developments for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving, where, in addition to the CPU-intensive image acquisiton, numerous other technologies within the real-time enviroment all need to mesh together. Utilization of the card fits seamlessly into the functional spectrum of Kithara RealTime Suite for capturing, processing as well as storaging of image and video data. The acceleration card is especially suited for implementation into existing data logging systems for ADAS development in order to offload important CPU ressources and consequently also allowing for more stable real-time performance.

As specialists in the field of automotive development, both companies benefit especially from each other’s know-how and the close collaboration. For cutting-edge areas of application in particular, this optimization between hardware and software as well as the resulting synergies are especially advantageous.