Berlin, March 18th, 2015

OpenCV is Open for Real-Time

Real-Time Image Processing with OpenCV

Kithara Software, innovator for industrial software solutions under Windows®, has successfully finished the connection of the open-source image processing library OpenCV to the company’s own real-time extension.

As part of ongoing efforts to integrate all relevant interfaces and software components for machine vision with the Kithara real-time system, OpenCV will be supported for the first time starting with version 3.0. This allows for the instant processing of image data, captured by industrial cameras. Among other features, this also makes it possible with OpenCV 3.0 to use AVX2, an extension to the x86 instruction set architecture, in real-time.

“The combination of OpenCV and the »RealTime Suite« is expected to become a significant leap in the field of real-time image processing, since it incorporates the widespread use of the free program library with the increasing necessity of strict response times for machine vision”, Uwe Jesgarz, managing director of Kithara Software GmbH, explained confidently.

Besides the free commercial use under the BSD licence, OpenCV also owes its widespread utilization in industry and research to a large number of available optimized standard algorithms. These preset functions, stemming from OpenCV’s origin as a research project, allow for the efficient application in fields such a mobile robotics, object, face and gesture recognition as well as segmentation for automated optical quality control of work pieces.

OpenCV, based on C/C++, is considered to be a high-performance machine vision library. Multi-core features can be utilized to great effect, thus reaching an appropriately high amount of frames per second. On this basis, the »RealTime Suite« is able to complement this potential with guaranteed reaction times to achieve true real-time image processing.