Berlin, December 7th, 2017

Efficient Automotive Ethernet Testing

Kithara Software, innovator for PC-based real-time, has announced support for BroadR-Reach within Kithara RealTime Suite. With real-time capabilities for the BroadR-Reach standard, automobile developers are able to directly control and test physical Ethernet networks for vehicles.

With the implementation of BroadR-Reach Ethernet into the function library Kithara RealTime Suite, the Berlin-based software company expands its continually growing range for the automotive industry. Guaranteed reaction times provided by the Kithara real-time system allow for precise and lossless data capture via the Ethernet transport layer as well as their integration into sophisticated test processes.

“Ethernet will certainly have a set place in future’s automobiles. With support for BroadR-Reach we bridge the gap between our high-performance Ethernet drivers and modern vehicle networking. We are working closely together with some of the automotive industry’s most important innovators, who have discovered the advantages of the Kithara’s real-time functions for testing automotive electronics technologies”, Uwe Jesgarz, managing director of Kithara Software GmbH, explained.

The benefits of Ethernet in automotive networking are extremely fast transmission rates, high scalability as well as cost efficiency regarding wiring and programming. The open BroadR-Reach standard represents a physical Ethernet transmission layer that enables multiple vehicle systems access to fast data communication. This way for instance, real-time Ethernet can be used as a central backbone network. Furthermore, by utilizing switches, the bandwidth of Ethernet networks can be further optimized.

Many of Kithara’s real-time functions are applied in the development of cutting-edge automotive technologies. They are mainly used for hardware-in-the-loop applications, such as for precisely capturing and reproducing simulation data.