Berlin, June 29th, 2016

Storage Module allows for write-read speeds of several GByte/s

The now available Storage Module allows for extremely fast real-time data storaging.

A major part of real-time applications require large amounts of data to be quickly stored on storage mediums. However, until now, the maximum possible data rate has been severely limited. Kithara now ends this state with a bang.

The new “Storage Module” of the »RealTime Suite« introduces real-time data storaging with solid-state drives. This way, data can be written and read with a read-write speed of several GByte/s via the NVMe interface. For instance, this can be utilized for high-resolution and lossless acquisition of huge amounts of measurement data from multiple parallel sources for immediate analysis and processing. To meet these tasks, the Storage Module also provides a highly efficient data system.

To illustrate the performance capabilities of the Storage Module, even today's SSD devices can be run at stable data rates of several Gbyte/s and upwards for the extended time of over an hour and longer.

Be prepared for “Big Data”!