Berlin, September 27th, 2013

Digital Signal Processing in Windows Real-time

Do you want to filter digital signals or implement a feedback control within your real-time processes? Kithara's new SigProc Module is out now! It offers noise reduction, edge detection, frequency band pass/stop among many more functions.

It is possible to filter signals even while acquiring the signal in real-time. Developers are provided a selection of high-pass, low-pass, band-pass and band-stop filters. Creating specific filters for individual tasks is possible as well.

Or do you consider implementing a feedback control and have to respond to disturbances or sudden changes of the setpoint in real-time? The SigProc Module further provides a PID controller, that can compute inputs in real-time. The cycle "acquire – process – react" cannot be interrupted by Windows®.

Also, take note of the options of Kithara's Multitasking Module and Dedicated Module. Using these modules, the signal processing or feedback control can be run, independent from the process control, within its own task on a seperate CPU core - Optimal conditions for achieving extreme real-time performance.

Test the new version of the »RealTime Suite« with the SigProc Module – real-time signal processing at a low price.