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Can I use my 32 bit real-time application on a 64 bit system?

We distinguish 3 different combinations:

  1. 32 bit applications on a 32 bit Windows
  2. 64 bit applications on a 64 bit Windows
  3. 32 bit applications on a 64 bit Windows

Case 1) and 2) are trivial and aren't discussed here.

For case 3) we suggest the following solution:
Move the part of your functions with real-time requirements into an own DLL.
Using our KiK64 mechanism you will be able to call those functions from your application, even if your application is developed for 32 bit and the DLL is developed for 64 bit as required in case of an 64 bit operating system.

For details about the KiK64 mechanism see
  White Paper: Future-Proof Architecture with Kithara RealTime Suite .