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Is it possible to use VB6 or even OCX components for Kithara RealTime Suite?

In principle, it is possible to use our software with VB6 . But since VB6 is very old now, there are only a few sample programs. The main goal of our software is to offer libraries for implementing "real-time under Windows". This can only be done on the kernel-level of Windows. So, languages that can run on the kernel-level are needed. Those languages are currently only C/C++ and Delphi. For many examples, we also support C# projects, because it is possible to program the main application in C# and put only the time-critical parts into a DLL written in C++.

If you would use VB.NET, then it would be easy for you to use the C# interface. But still it would be necessary to program a DLL written in C or C++ for time-critical code. If it is not time-critical (real-time), then you could stay on the application level and write everything in C# or VB.NET.

Even if it would be possible to program in VB6, we do not recommend this, because VB6 is not capable to execute multi-threaded applications properly. The same occurs for OCX, so it should be clear why we do not made any attempt to develop OCX components.