February 1st, 2024

The Future of 32-bit Windows

For Kithara it has always been of great importance to continuously improve our software. Such changes come either in the form of new and extended functions or as more efficient internal development processes, which in turn allow us to bring even better features to the user more quickly. However, the aim of all these further developments is always to improve our products for our customers.

With this motivation in mind, we have decided to discontinue support for the Windows 32-bit kernel mode within Kithara RealTime Suite at some point in the future. However, we currently have not decided on an exact date yet.

This decision should not come as a surprise. For current developments, nowadays there is barely a reason to still use 32-bit Windows. Microsoft itself already does not provide a 32-bit version with Windows 11 anymore and its successor is certain to stay on this path.


All of this will only affect the kernel mode. 32-bit application programs will still be usable. There is no plan to discontinue support for the 32-bit user mode.


Consequently, KiK64 will also still be applicable as usual.

This change will result in the following benefits, among others:

  • more efficient further developments due to lower complexity of the software
  • faster compile times, since only a 64-bit kernel needs to be built
  • better test coverage, since only a 64-bit kernel needs to be tested
  • a clearer sample structure, since only a 64-bit kernel needs to be provided

For customers that are not immediately able to use 64-bit Windows, it is planned to provide a legacy version for a transitional period.