Kithara RealTime USB

Real-time communication with USB devices under Windows

Kithara RealTime USB is a modular real-time extension for the Windows range of operating systems with a special focus on USB 3.0 in real-time by direct access to XHCI.

In order to gain “hard” real-time capabilities, it is necessary to run the application code in the kernel-mode of the system. This is provided by the software. The required programming languages must be able to generate native x86 or x64 machine code, e.g. C/C++ or Delphi. The hardware-dependent and time-critical code should be transferred to a DLL, which will be loaded directly into the real-time context. This way the .NET environment will also be supported, so that even C# can be used as the programming language for the main parts of the application.

Create 32-bit as well as 64-bit applications from a single unique code-base! Both worlds are absolutely source-code compatible – with a special module ("KiK64") even binary compatible. Instantly usable program frameworks for programming languages and compilers listed below are part of every software delivery. Download the free trial version now!

Some features:

  • Highly-accurate real-time timer for frequencies more than 20 kHz
  • Priority-based preemptive real-time multi-tasking
  • Code execution on the kernel-level supported by C/C++ and Delphi (native code generation necessary)
  • Supports Windows 7/8/10 with 32 or 64 bit. Request your non-binding upgrade offer now!
  • Protection with sticker, online-activation or USB-dongle

Kithara RealTime USB consists currently of more than 20 different modules. The software can be combined of these modules according to customer requirements. Few dependencies exist.

Basic Functions


  • 支持以下操作系统:Windows 7、8和10(32位和64位)、Server 2008 R2、Vista、Server 2003和XP、以及嵌入式版本
  • 支持PIC和APIC硬件、多处理器的PC、超线程、多内核等。
  • 功能为:打开驱动程序、设备处理、版本信息、调试支持、系统信息
  • 应用程序线程、事件、回调、共享内存、数据和消息管道、快速互斥对象
  • 在内核级别实现实时代码
  • 实时内存管理、内存拷贝功能
  • 只与C/C++或Delphi连接
  • 包括通用的即插即用的WDM驱动器

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  • 实时地数学/三角函数和字符串存储功能
  • 支持应用程序和内核级

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  • 系统事件的截取,例如故障和内核级的系统崩溃(如防故障处理程序/“蓝屏处理程序”)

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Timer & Multi-Tasking


  • 在不同的时间和用户特定的格式监测系统时间,分辨率高达0.10微秒
  • 高精度的短的时间延迟
  • 系统时钟长期同步,用的EtherCAT分布式时钟(DC)和IEEE1588同步

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  • 高度精确的实时定时器由系统最高优先级编程
  • 最大可编程频率>1kHz时,抖动在微秒范围

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  • 基于优先级的抢占式实时多任务
  • 最大255优先级,避免优先级倒置的按优先级继承,动态优先级调整
  • 事件、信号量、定时器、支持多种CPU内核、任务可以被分配
  • 实时操作一个或多个CPU内核以避免Windows影响
  • 最大任务频率高达100kHz以上、在专用模式下抖动小于1μs
  • Speedloop模式可在特定硬件上高精度循环执行最高达1MHz的实时代码

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Communication with USB devices


  • 与USB设备进行通信,包括USB 3.1
  • 低速,全速,高速
  • 控制,批量,中断和等时传送
  • 响应所有即插即用和电源管理事件

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  • 通过直接和独家访问XHCI(可扩展主机控制器接口),与USB设备进行USB 3.1通信
  • 快速的反应时间和最大的数据吞吐量
  • 控制,批量,中断和等时传送
  • 对即插即用以及电源管理事件的反应

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Customer-specific Software Combination

Combine your function set by yourself using the real-time configurator or ask us for help. The custom specific driver gives you highest flexibility and has the following features:

  • The software can be combined arbitrarily with modules, few dependencies exist
  • The name of development and runtime files is arbitrary
  • Simplified installation (no registry entry)
  • Regarding new versions, no modification is necessary
  • With the purchase of the modules you will automatically receive a developer's license
  • Favourable price scale conditions for runtime licenses
  • Always state of the art software due to quarterly updates on CD (12 months)
  • Expandable at any time by additional modules
  • 4 different support packages (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) for developer support (consulting, concept development, analysis)

Our qualified Support-Team guarantees you the best possible service for integrating the software into your project and our development support assists you also in questions beyond the software!


实时功能只能在内核级别上实现。为此,需要一种能够生成本地x86或x64机器码的编程语言,例如C/C++或者Delphi。当然, Kithara实时套件支持各种平台,例如.NET环境。解决方案是将时间关键型代码转换成一个DLL,该DLL将直接加载到内核级别的实时上下文中。Kithara实时套件可以提供所有这些功能。上述平台的即时可用程序框架是每个软件交付的一部分。

System Requirements

The products of Kithara RealTime Suite support a wide range of hardware and software combinations. If you have questions regarding the system support, please contact us!



  • Windows 10 (32位和64位, 64位 only by using the dedicated mode)
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 (32位和64位,64位只能使用专用模块)
  • Windows Server 2012 (64位, only using by the dedicated mode)
  • Windows 7 (32位和64位) 和 Windows Embedded Standard 7
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (64位)



  • CPU:AMD(Athlon)或Intel(Pentium 2),32 位或64位
  • 单核或多核,超线程,普通版的Kithara支持8个CPU逻辑核(通过Kithara拓展包,最多可以支持32个逻辑核,根据需要还可以支持更多的逻辑核)
  • 推荐的ACPI(Advanced Control and Power Interface),推荐的APIC(Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller)。 某些功能需要ACPI-APIC
  • 使用千兆以太网卡,一般都支持Intel和RealTek两个品牌,其他的可以根据用户需要来支持



  • Visual Studio的20xx年的C++ MFC用户界面(提供 VS 2005/08/10/12/13/15工程文件)
  • C++ Builder(Embarcadero公司,原Borland公司)VCL用户界面
  • Delphi(Embarcadero公司,原Borland公司)VCL用户界面
  • Visual Studio的20XX C#WPF用户界面(实时代码采用C++ DLL,提供 VS 2005/08/10/12/13/15工程文件)


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