Product Overview

Kithara Software offers software products for real-time, automation and hardware-dependent programming.

Kithara »RealTime Suite«

»RealTime Suite«

The »RealTime Suite« is a modular real-time extension for Windows, which combines hardware-dependent programming, communication, automation protocols and image processing into a powerful real-time system. With seamless integration of the modules you get all required components in one piece:

High-performance and highly-accurate real-time multi-tasking under Windows; hardware-dependent programming; automation with EtherCAT®, CANopen® and Profibus®; communication via COM/USB and CAN as well as image acquisition with GigE Vision® and image processing in real-time. Can be combined as required out of the range of available functional modules (only a few dependencies exist).

»RealTime EtherCAT«

Module selection of the »RealTime Suite« für EtherCAT® Master in real-time under Windows. With high-performance and highly-accurate MultiTasking.

»RealTime CANopen«

Module selection of the »RealTime Suite« für CANopen® Master in real-time under Windows. With high-performance and highly-precise MultiTasking.

»RealTime Vision«

Module selection of the »RealTime Suite« for full-speed image acquisition through GigE Vision® and image processing. With high-performance and highly-precise MultiTasking.

»RealTime USB«

Module selection of the »RealTime Suite« for real-time communication with USB devices under Windows® with a special focus on USB 3.0 in real-time by direct access to XHCI.

Kithara »Tool Extensions«

»DIAdem EtherCAT Treiber«

The software DIAdem has the advantage that it is tailored to the requirements of Levels 2 and 3. It can configure both measurement and automation tasks and perform as well as with powerful data management and analysis capabilities with the requirements of Level 3.

The deciding factor for the function of the system is the connection between the two levels. This is ensured by the DIAdem EtherCAT Driver from a-solution, based on the EtherCAT-Master from Kithara Software.

»Halcon Logic Controller«

The »Halcon Logic Controller« is an extension for the image processing environment HALCON from MVTec. For direct accessing of EtherCAT I/Os from HALCON and HDevelop.

Embed the »Halcon Logic Controller« directly into your HALCON environment and read or set EtherCAT I/Os and start pre-defined or self-written real-time sequences.

Kithara »Driver Collection«

»Driver Collection«

The »Driver Collection« is a tool for hardware-dependent programming and driver development. The function module for access to I/O ports, physical memory, interrupt handling, serial communication (UART, USB) as well as simple WIndows timer is included.

»PCI Toolkit«

Module selection of the »Driver Collection« for PCI driver programming, driver development (PCI, PCIe PCMCIA/Cardbus boards, ExpressCard devices, ISA bus etc.).

»USB Toolkit«

Module selection of the »Driver Collection« for USB driver programming, development (USB devices).

Kithara Development Tools

»Kernel Tracer«

The »Kernel Tracer« is a tool for real-time message logging for Windows, logging of computer operation with exact timing analysis, extensions of specific plug-ins. With SDK. In order to monitor the internal process in real-time you can use the »Kernel Tracer« at daily use in connection with the »RealTime Suite«.

»Performance Analyzer«

The »Performance Analyzer« is a development-related visualization assistant for simultaneous display and monitoring of different relevant system performany resources.

It is therefore an important tool in determining a system's real-time performance.

Kithara »DOS Enabler«

The new »DOS Enabler«

The »DOS Enabler« enables hardware-dependent DOS programs for several years. The new »DOS Enabler« supports also Windows 7, 8/8.1 and 10 with 32-bit or 64-bit!

Same as before, but a 1000 times faster!



EtherCAT® is a registered trademark of the EtherCAT Technology Group.

CANopen® is a registered trademark of the CAN in Automation e.V..

GigE Vision® is a registered trademark of the Automated Imaging Association.