Kithara RealTime Suite—Real-time for Windows

Kithara RealTime Suite is a real-time extension for Windows. Currently, it consists of more than 20 different function modules, which can be freely combined (with only few dependencies).

  1. Communication and synchronization between application and real-time context are achieved via shared memory, pipes, mail slots, sockets, events and semaphores.
  2. The PLC Module allows for the programming of control procedures according to IEC 61131-3 in different languages.
  3. The EtherCAT Master is an "Industrial Ethernet" protocol for high-performance automation solutions. Fieldbus protocols such as a CANopen master, are supported as well.
  4. Image data can be captured with GigE Vision® or USB3 Vision® cameras in real-time and be processed with Halcon or other libraries.
  5. The priority-controlled preemptive real-time multitasking environment allows for the free allocation of logical CPUs exclusively for real-time tasks and provides high frequencies combined with low jitter.


Kithara RealTime Suite provides mechanisms for: