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Kithara provides Student Edition for 2017 For the coming winter semester 2017, Kithara Software will provide the new Student Edition of the »RealTime Suite« for interested universities and colleges. This edition contains the complete function range of the »RealTime Suite« product series in order to get familiar with the field of industrial real-time.
Version 10.03 Release Version 10.03 of the »RealTime Suite« has been released a few days ago and is now available for download in the service area. As usual, all changes such as performance improvements or new hardware support can also be found in the Change-Log section of the service area.
New Record: Storage Module now with over 2 GByte/s Due to numerous driver optimizations, the performance of the Storage Module has been further increased. This now enables solid-state drives to run with write and read speeds of even over 2 GByte/s.
New: Developer Diary Our developer blog is a new section in the service area. Here, you can find regular pieces of background information, helpful tips, recommendations or just opinions on specific topics surrounding Kithara Software. Latest: "Windows Installation Help" and "New Version Concept".
New Vote. Kithara Development Vote Now! What would you like to see the most from Kithara? You can find the new poll on the right sidebar. Your vote is valuable as we actively use the polls to assess the needs of our customers. As usual, you can check the results of past polls at Service > Poll.
Successful trade fair presentation at the VISION Stuttgart 2016 The VISION show in Stuttgart 2016 was a complete success for Kithara. Visitor figures at the VISION and especially at Kithara's booth were at an all-time high this year which attracted a great deal of positive feedback and lead to many exciting customer meetings as well as new business contacts. In this regard, the trade fair presentation complements the already successful fiscal year for Kithara.
New Performance Analyzer The popular »Performance Analyzer« allows for a highly detailled insight into system resources as well as data throughput of interfaces and protocols. Look forward to a powerful diagnosis tool as part of the upcoming Version 10.02 of the »RealTime Suite«.
20 years Kithara Software Kithara Software turns 20 years old and invites all partners and customers to celebrate this joyful anniversary. On this occasion, we have also prepared a few surprises for you.
Image Acquisition and Processing in Real-Time The chain from image acquisition, to image processing, and to process integration via I/Os and other actors is closed in a coherent real-time cycle.
Dedicated: Extreme Real-Time Properties on Separate CPU Cores The new "Dedicated Module" improves the real-time characteristics of the MultiTasking Module enormously by providing extreme real-time on exclusively used CPU cores.
New PLC and VISION Modules are ready After a long development and intensive tests new modules of the RealTime Suite are ready: PLC and VISION Module.
Hard real-time under Windows 8.1 The »RealTime Suite« supports the new Windows 8.1!
Virtual network adapter and real-time network bridge Versatile network connection between Windows and Kithara real-time over a virtual NDIS interface. Learn more!
Renewed Serial Communication Implement UART communication out of real-time tasks.

Kithara Software is a specialist for real-time on Windows operating systems with more than 20 years of experience. With our comprehensive know-how and many years of expertise we will help you to realize even challenging projects.


The »RealTime Suite« is a modular real-time extension for Windows, which combines hardware-dependent programming, communication, automation protocols and image processing. With seamless integration of the modules you get all required components in one piece.


Some features: EtherCAT® Master including Distributed Clock, Safety (FSoE), hot-plug capability and cable redundancy; real-time CANopen Master® (can also be embedded in EtherCAT topology); supports almost all Gigabit-Ethernet Controllers manufactured by Intel and Realtek with native real-time drivers; GigE Vision® full-speed image acquisition and image processing with HALCON in real-time; communication over CAN adapters of different manufacturers by a neutral API; supports A/D-, D/A- and Digital-I/O multi-function cards of different manufacturers; USB and serial communication...


The software supports the current Windows OS from Win 7 to Win 10, 32-bit as well as 64-bit. The preemptive real-time multi-tasking system is programmable in C/C++ or Delphi. By using a DLL, the real-time system can also be embedded in a C# application.

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