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Kithara provides Student Edition for 2017 For the coming winter semester 2017, Kithara Software will provide the new Student Edition of the »RealTime Suite« for interested universities and colleges. This edition contains the complete function range of the »RealTime Suite« product series in order to get familiar with the field of industrial real-time.
Version 10.03 Release Version 10.03 of the »RealTime Suite« has been released a few days ago and is now available for download in the service area. As usual, all changes such as performance improvements or new hardware support can also be found in the Change-Log section of the service area.
New Record: Storage Module now with over 2 GByte/s Due to numerous driver optimizations, the performance of the Storage Module has been further increased. This now enables solid-state drives to run with write and read speeds of even over 2 GByte/s.
New: Developer Diary Our developer blog is a new section in the service area. Here, you can find regular pieces of background information, helpful tips, recommendations or just opinions on specific topics surrounding Kithara Software. Latest: "Windows Installation Help" and "New Version Concept".
New Vote. Kithara Development Vote Now! What would you like to see the most from Kithara? You can find the new poll on the right sidebar. Your vote is valuable as we actively use the polls to assess the needs of our customers. As usual, you can check the results of past polls at Service > Poll.
Successful trade fair presentation at the VISION Stuttgart 2016 The VISION show in Stuttgart 2016 was a complete success for Kithara. Visitor figures at the VISION and especially at Kithara's booth were at an all-time high this year which attracted a great deal of positive feedback and lead to many exciting customer meetings as well as new business contacts. In this regard, the trade fair presentation complements the already successful fiscal year for Kithara.
New Performance Analyzer The new »Performance Analyzer«, a development tool for time-synchronous visualization of system resources as well as data throughput of interfaces and protocols, has been completed and will be integrated into the upcoming Version 10.02 of the »RealTime Suite«.
20 years Kithara Software Kithara Software turns 20 years old and invites all partners and customers to celebrate this joyful anniversary. On this occasion, we have also prepared a few surprises for you.
实时图像采集与处理 在一个实时周期内实现图像采集、图像处理、通过输入输出和其他行为过程集成的连贯的闭环链。
专用的:单个CPU核心的极限实时特性 新的“专用模块”通过提供实时的极限的专用的CPU内核极大地提高了多任务模块的实时特性。
新的PLC和机器视觉模块已经就绪 经过长期发展和大量集约化试验的 RealTime Suite 新模块:PLC和机器视觉模块已经就绪。
Windows 8.1 系统下的硬件实时控制 »RealTime Suite« 现在支持新的 Windows 8.1 操作系统!
虚拟网络适配器与实时网络桥接 多种通用网络接口与 Kithara 实时套件在虚拟的 NDIS 接口之间的连接,了解更多信息!
新的串行数据通信 实现 UART 实时数据通信任务。

        Kithara 软件公司是一家为Windows操作系统提供实时性能的专家,专注于该领域18年以上。我们将会以我们多年的项目研发经验帮助你完成具有挑战性的项目。


        Kithara »RealTime Suite«是一个模块化的windows实时拓展,这些模块包括硬件驱动开发,通信,自动化通信协议和图像处理等。在这些无缝集成的模块帮助下,你可以在一个软件中获得所有想要的模块。



1. EtherCAT ®主站,主要性能包括分步时钟(DC),安全(FSoE),热插拔和冗余;

2. 实时的CANopen Master ®主站(这也被集成到EtherCAT中);

3. 支持Intel和Realtek两家公司的大多数千兆以太网控制器;

4. GigE Vision ®,全速度图像获取和图像处理,可以将HALCON在实时环境下运行;

5. 提供成熟的API函数,可以操作不同厂家的CAN适配器进行通信;

6.  支持 多家的A/D,D/A,和数字I/O 多功能卡;

7.  USB和串口通信功能等;


        该软件支持当前的Windows操作系统,包括从Windows XP到Windows 10的所有32位和64位版本。可以使用C/C++或Delphi在抢占式的实时多任务系统中编程。通过使用DLL,实时系统可以嵌入到C#工程中。

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