Kithara Hardware access

Kithara»实时套件« 是Windows的一个实时扩展模块。程序对硬件的响应可以有该模块来保证。比如,它允许在应用程序之外直接访问PC的I/O端口。另外也允许直接访问物理内存。




  • 直接访问I/O端口(“IO端口模块”)
  • 访问物理内存(“内存模块”)
  • 外部硬件控制(“中断模块”)
  • 在实时下访问多功能拓展卡(“多功能模块”)

IoPort Module

Direct access to I/O-Ports

  • 普通
  • Features

The IoPort Module of the »RealTime Suite« enables a direct access to the I/O ports of the pc immediatly out of a windows application. With the help of the IoPort Module users can unlock a direct access to the required I/O ports.

The direct access to I/O ports means in no way a reduction of the stability. No development of a kernel-driver is needed, so the programmer can be focused on the application and only reached the hardware over defined entry points.

  • activation of an I/O port for direct access
  • direct and indirect read and write access to I/O ports (8/16/32 bit)
  • enquires the PCI configuration space data
  • allows to set parts of the PCI configuration space
  • retrieves resource information of devices

Memory Module

Access on physical memory

  • 普通
  • Features

The Memory Module of the »RealTime Suite« enables the direct access to the physical memory.

The physical memory in the scope of application will appear to allow a direct access. The Memory Module supply two different mechanisms to access physical memory. The difference between both are the location of the memory: external hardware or pc-main memory.

  • maps physical device memory into application memory
  • frees mapped physical memory
  • allocates physical memory

Interrupt Module

External hardware control

  • 普通
  • Features

To control the external hardware, Interrupts are necessary. Use of the operating system mechanisms for interrupt processing.

  • Processing of hardware interrupts at the application or kernel level
  • Use of the operating system mechanisms for interrupt processing
  • By using the RealTime Modules interrupts of PCI or PCIe Hardware can be processed

MultiFunction Module

Access to multifunction-expansion cards in real-time

  • 普通
  • Features
  • Hardware Support

Support of multifunction cards with a vendor-neutral API, digital IO bit wise or word wise or analog I/O as: Single value, channel sequence, limited series of sequences or continuous mode with a switch buffer interrupt.

  • Support of multifunction cards with a vendor-neutral API
  • Digital I/O bit wise or word wise
  • Analog I/O as: Single value, channel sequence, limited series of sequences or continuous mode with a switch buffer interrupt
  • Real-time drivers for cards from several manufactures
  • Multifunction cards with PCI- or PCIe-bus

The following multifunction cards are supported:

  • Standard LPT interface (PNP0400)


  • NetMos 9805(parallel port)
  • ADDI-DATA APCIe-3121


  • Advantech PCI 1730U
  • Wasco OPTOIO-PCI16 standard/extended
  • Wasco OPTOIO-PCI32 standard/extended
  • Wasco OPTOLRE-PCI16 standard/extended
  • Wasco OPTOPRE-PCI8 standard/extended
  • Wasco OPTOIN-PCI32 standard/extended
  • Wasco OPTOIN-PCI64 standard/extended
  • Wasco OPTOOUT-PCI32 standard/extended
  • Wasco OPTOOUT-PCI64 standard/extended
  • Wasco OPTORE-PCI16 standard/extended
  • Wasco RELAIS-PCI32 standard
  • Wasco ADIODA-PCI16 extended
  • Wasco ADIODA-PCIF12 extended
  • Wasco IODA-PCI12K4 standard/extended
  • Wasco IODA-PCI12K8 standard/extended
  • Wasco WITIO-PCI32 standard/extended
  • Wasco WITIO-PCI64 standard/extended
  • Wasco WITIO-PCI160 standard/extended
  • Wasco WITIO-PCI168 extended

    *This list always refers to the latest version of our software.