Developer's Diary

The new KiK64


32-bit real-time code on 64-bit Windows? Some users are already familiar with our KiK64 function. The new version improves both, usability and performance. Read More ...

Through Address Space and Time with Kithara


"Time is what you measure with a clock."— Of course it is not always as easy as Einstein jokingly put it, especially when it comes to juggling with system times and time bases. One of our developers experienced this first-hand when he managed to travel through time. Read More ...

Bad Weather, Good Coding


Berlin is drowning in the rain. What to do as a programmer? Easy Answer: Just continue programming. This Berlin summer of 2017 is currently going down the drain with torrents of rain. It is one rainy day after another so it does not come as a surprise that barely anyone of us is even daring leaving the office. Read More ...

New: Version Concept & Builds


Time for a breath of fresh air— Even when it comes to details. We will soon make a few small adjustments to new versions and build numbers of our software. The basic version concept, however, remains unchanged for the most part. Here are the details. Read More ...

Simple Windows 10 Installation Workaround


Some users may have come across a certain message when installing our software. Learn more about cause and solution here. Read More ...