The new Kithara »DOS Enabler«


DOS Enabler”实现硬件独立的DOS程序好多年了。新的“DOS Enabler“也支持32位或64位的Windows7、8/8.1。

注意:编写硬件独立的且时序严格的32位和64位应用程序,参看»RealTime Suite«

新的”DOS Enabler“允许硬件独立的DOS程序工作在Window 7,8/8.1下。32位和64位的系统都能被支持。新的”DOS Enabler“有他自己的DOS系统(FreeDOS),他能在单独的CPU内核下运行16位应用程序。通过消除所有Windows的影响,编写时序严格的应该程序是能实现的。

The program execution including hardware access to I/O registers and physical memory as well as the handling of interrupts is done in real-time.


新的”DOS Enabler“的特性

  • Usage of a separate CPU core without being interrupted by the Windows multi-tasking
  • 使用独立的CPU内核,使不受Windows的多任务影响。
  • 充分配置DOS程序的处理能力,所以对时序要求严格的例程能没有限制的运行。
  • 直接且无延时的访问物理I/O寄存器(无仿真)
  • 直接访问从C000:0000 到 FFFF:FFFF的物理内存。
  • Handling of hardware interrupts
  • 16位应用程序可在Windows7/8/XP和嵌入式7/8/XP下运行。(对于64位也是)
  • No virtualization environment necessary!
  • 能重新定位其他端口,例如USB端口、PCMCIA卡、PCI卡、虚拟COM端口
  • 用于防止丢失数据的智能缓冲区

New with Version 9.61

  • DOS applications are able to access separate drives such as USB sticks (FAT and FAT 32 are supported)
  • new command line option allows for the automatic startup of the DOS Enabler including a DOS program, e.g. for the starting via desktop icon or autorun registry entry
  • on the DOS side a batch can be used to close the DOS Enabler or to shut down the PC
  • improved real-time performance

Technical Requirements

The following requirements must be met to run the »DOS Enabler«:

  • Operating system Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (Windows XP not supported)
  • appr. 600 MB free space on hard disk
  • Under Windows 7: minimum dual-core processor (quad-core or higher recommended)
  • Unter Windows 8/8.1/10: minimum quad-core processor
  • Single-core PCs are not supported

For questions regarding technical support please consult us!

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  • Special: DOS Programs under Windows® 7/8 on 32/64 Bit
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