Berlin, June 12th, 2012

GigE Vision and Image Processing in Real-Time

Kithara Software has introduced the new Camera Module, which allows for real-time image capture with GigE-Vision-compatible cameras.

Despite the widespread use of machine vision in industrial applications, a real-time solution for image capture and image processing under Windows has not existed until now. However, this has become an increasing demand in factory automation, e. g. to immediately react to product failures to meet high quality standards.

The Camera Module of Kithara RealTime Suite supports industrial cameras with GigE Vision® interfaces and signals the incoming image data as soon as the image acquisition has been completed. The new Vision Module allows for further processing of the image data in real-time with the widely-used image processing library Halcon by MVTec from Munich. This enables an instant control reaction, e. g. for quality control.

The real-time interface of GigE Vision cameras can be used with appr. 125 Mbyte/s on the theoretical limits and thus exceeds current data rates by far. The reaction to incoming images starts within a few microseconds in the real-time context, which makes new kinds of solutions feasible.

All current Windows operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows 8 (with 32 or 64 bits) are supported. The real-time application can be programmed in C/C++ or Delphi as well as embedded in C#.