Berlin, November 26th, 2018

Real-Time Data Storage in PCAPng

Kithara Software, specialist for PC-based real time, has announced the support for PCAPng within Kithara RealTime Suite. This will allow for any measurement data to be written and read in real time and in a Wireshark-compatible format.

With the implementation of PCAPng into the Windows-based real-time system, the Berlin-based company expands its growing data storage development branch. With PCAPng, measurement data and even image data can be saved as well as fetched without loss. Serving as the basis is the Storage Module by Kithara, which enables real-time storage via NVMe SSDs. In combination with dedicated file formats such as PCAPng and with write and read speeds of several Gbyte/s, data sets can be utilized even more precisely and efficiently. This in turn allows for the potential embedding of such data into sophisticated test applications, such as for automotive sensor systems or hardware-in-the-loop simulations.

“Data capture and storage is becoming an increasingly pivotal topic for our real-time system. A major part of our customers is already actively utilizing Big Data, which is why Kithara is also strengthening its focus towards data storage. This makes the support for specialized formats, such as PCAPng, a crucial step in handling the growing amounts of data.”, Uwe Jesgarz, managing director of Kithara Software GmbH, explained.

PCAP Next Generation (PCAPng) is a Wireshark-supported file format for capturing data packets within networks. This also means that Wireshark, as a free, widespread and convenient tool, is available to developers for later analysis of stored measurement data.