Kithara Real-Time Communication

The »RealTime Suite« is a modular real-time extension for Windows. Real-time communication means that messages are transmitted from one component to another by knowing the maximal communication time. We support:

  • Real-time Ethernet communication (“Network Module”),
  • USB 3.1 in real-time (“USB 3 / XHCI Module”),
  • UART communication in real-time (“Serial / UART Module”),
  • Virtual device helper (“Device Module”),
  • USB 2.0 driver library (“USB 2 Module”).

Real-time Ethernet - RealTime Sockets

Ethernet-based communication increasingly dominates industrial applications. However, the basic functions of the operating systems are not able to keep up with Ethernet-based communication when it comes to industrial standards. Thus, real-time mechanisms are required.

By utilizing a real-time Ethernet environment, it is possible to solve industrial communication tasks via Ethernet-based protocols with hard real-time capabilities (including IP, the common TCP and UDP protocols).

The Network Module, as part of the product package »RealTime Suite«, includes the necessary mechanisms for real-time communication via raw Ethernet as well as TCP and UDP. The real-time communication takes place via fast Ethernet boards as well as network interfaces with gigabit controllers by Intel and RealTek, so that fast measurement value logging or image processing is possible.

Intel-Pro/1000 Quad Adapter

In order to achieve real-time capabilities, the network controllers are controlled directly. This way, the entire bandwidth of the connection is available and an immediate reaction to received data packets takes place in real-time.

In contrast to common processes in operating systems during such implementations, any copy operation is generally avoided. For data transfer as well as data reception the same memory as the network controller is used. This allows for the highest possible transfer rate at the shortest reaction time.

Functions for CRS calculation and Byteorder conversion are also provided.

As usual, with the Kithara system the Socket application can be compiled by developers within the framework of the application in C/C++ or Delphi. Based on a DLL the real-time application can be embedded in a C#.NET application as well.

With this, the software goes far beyond the possibilities of what is achievable with a regular Windows OS. The Windows OS lacks real-time capabilities and therefore is not suitable for industrial solutions, as it does not meet the needs of the industry.

Network Module

Native real-time driver for fast Ethernet communication

  • Common
  • Features
  • Supported Hardware

The Network Module provides native real-time Ethernet drivers for the supported network controller, for communication via raw ethernet as well as UDP and TCP.  By preempting all interferences of Windows mechanisms, high transmission rates and immediate reaction are possible. This leads to a high performance network communication. Allmost all network controller of Intel and RealTek are supported.

  • Ethernet communication up to 10 gigabit/s in real-time (please note below: Extensions)
  • Instantaneous transmission and reaction at receiving
  • Transmission and receiving straight from the real-time context possible
  • Any Ethernet protocols possible including IP, UDP and TCP
  • Request and event-based Ethernet communication
  • Supported hardware: Intel, RealTek
  • Jumbo-Frames up to 16128 bytes depends on NIC
  • IP and MAC Multicast, Broadcast, Promiscuos mode for receiving of all packets
  • Receiving of data packets either trough Callback functions or directly at the interrupt context or polling process
  • Up to 4 priority levels possible for transmission of data packets
  • Functions for CRS calculation and Byteorder conversion
  • Network Module Extensions: Network Port Extension, Network NDIS Extension,
    Network 10 Gbit/s Extension

For the achievement of real-time capability the slow Windows driver of the network interface has to be replaced by the special developed real-time driver of the »RealTime Suite«. The following network boards of Intel and RealTek are supported* :


Intel – Fast Ethernet controller (100 MBit/s)

  • 8255x
  • 82562

Intel – Gigabit Ethernet controller (1 GBit/s)

  • 82540, 82541, 82544, 82545, 82546, 82547
  • 82566, 82567
  • 82571, 82572, 82573, 82574
  • 82575, 82576
  • 82577, 82578, 82579
  • 82580, 82583, i350
  • i210, i211
  • i217, i219

Intel – 10 Gigabit Ethernet controller (10 GBit/s) (requires 10 Gbit/s Extension)

  • 82598, 82599
  • x540, x550



RealTek – Fast Ethernet controller (100 MBit/s)

  • 8139B, 8139C, 8139D

RealTek – Gigabit Ethernet controller (1 GBit/s)

  • 8100E, 8101E, 8102E, 8110S
  • 8168B/8111B, 8168C/8111C, 8168CP/8111CP, 8168D/8111D+DL
  • 8168DP/8111DP, 8168E/8111E,8168EVL/8111EVL,
  • 8168F/8111F, 8168G/8111G,8168H/8111H,
  • 8168EP/8111EP
  • 8169, 8169S, 8169SB/8110SB, 8169SC/8110SC


ASIX - USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet controller (1 GBit/s)

  • AX88179 (e.g. Digitus USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter)


Beckhoff – Fast Ethernet controller (100 MBit/s)

  • CX5000 CCAT(Beckhoff CX50xx, CX20xx, CX51xx Embedded PCs)

*Diese Liste bezieht sich stets auf die aktuelle Version unserer Software.

Real-time driver for USB 3

USB 3 / XHCI Module

USB 3.1 in real-time by direct access to XHCI

  • Common
  • Features
  • Supported Hardware

The USB 3 / XHCI Module of the »RealTime Suite« achieves real-time communication for USB 3.1 devices, such as cameras. For this purpose the «RealTime Suite» provides a specially programmed and easy-to-apply gateway to the Extensible Host Controller Interface (XHCI), which is capable of meeting the requirements for guaranteed jitter times.

  • Real-time communication with USB 3.1 devices via XHCI access
  • XHCI controller utilized exclusively
  • Accessed directly from the real-time multitasking context
  • Lowest reaction times
  • Highest possible data rate
  • Reliable data loss prevention due to freely selectable puffer sizes
  • Low, full, high and superspeed
  • Control, bulk, interrupt and isochron-transfer
  • Response to all Plug&Play and power management events
  • Extensions: USB 3 Port Extension

In connection with the XHCI module all USB 3.1 host controller can be used, that are compatible with the XHCI 1.1 specification

XHCI controller of following vendors are currently supported with the RealTime Suite* :

  • Intel
  • AMD
  • Renesas
  • Etron
  • NEC
  • VIA

    *This list always refers to the latest version of our software.

See also:

  • Bulletin: USB 3.1 in Real-Time with XHCI
  • 2014-10-21
  • 126 KB

Other communication under Windows®

Serial/UART Module

Simple applicable functions for fast communication

  • Common
  • Features
  • Supported Hardware

The Serial/UART Module of the »RealTime Suite« supplies simple adaptable functions for fast communication over serial interfaces.

  • Serial communication in real-time on kernel level with special hardware driver
  • Handshake lines and signal lines directly controllable
  • Handler for all interface events can be installed in real-time context and on dedicated CPUs
  • For UART functions: UART-16550 compatible hardware necessary
  • For COMM functions: serial communication on application level allows using all COM interfaces in the system

To achieve real-time capabilities, special real-time drivers of the RealTime Suite are required for applied serial interfaces.

The following interface cards are currently supported* :

  • Standard COM Interface (PNP0501)


  • StarTech PEX2S952 - 2 x RS232
  • Longshine LCS6321O - 2 x RS232
  • Delock 89220 - 2 x RS232
  • Delock 89236 - 1 x RS232
  • ADDI-DATA APCIe-7300 – 1 x serial
  • ADDI-DATA APCIe-7420 – 2 x serial
  • ADDI-DATA APCIe-7500 – 4 x serial
  • ADDI-DATA APCIe-7800 – 8 x serial


  • i-tec EXRS232 - 1 x RS-232
  • StarTech EC1S1P55254 1 Serial/ 1 Parallel (Netmos 9912 Chipset)


  • MOXA 4-port RS-232 C104H/PCI
  • MOXA 8-port RS-232 C168H/PCI
  • MOXA 2-port RS-422/485 CP132/PCI
  • MOXA 4-port RS-422/485
  • EXSYS 41052 serial card
  • EXSYS 43092 serial card
  • Oxford serial card Quad Port
  • SUNIX 2-port RS-232 parallel
  • SUN 2-port RS-232 PCI
  • Meilhaus ME9000 8-port RS-485
  • EXAR (XR17C152) 2-port UART PCI
  • ADDI-DATA APCI-7300-3 – 1 x serial
  • ADDI-DATA APCI-7420-3 – 2 x serial
  • ADDI-DATA APCI-7500-3 – 4 x serial
  • ADDI-DATA APCI-7800-3 – 8 x serial


  • Socket PCMCIA serial card
  • Delock PCMCIA serial card

    *This list always refers to the latest version of our software.

Device Module

Generation of virtual interfaces

  • Common
  • Features

The Device Module of the »RealTime Suite« supplies the end-user an API to device drivers over operating system functions.


USB 2 Module

Driver development library for USB 2.0 devices

  • Common
  • Features

The USB Module of the »RealTime Suite« enables the communication of USB devices over simple adaptable functions.

  • Communication with USB 3.0 devices
  • Low-, full-, high-speed
  • Control-, bulk-, interrupt- and isochron-transfer
  • Response to all Plug&Play- and power management events