Version Release Concept

New versions of our software are incorporated into quarterly updates.

A quarterly version is created by carefully choosing a branch from the main development path. This version includes previously completed and tested changes/extensions/upgrades as well as new features. Afterwards, the software is thoroughly tested as a whole and implemented into the quarterly update.

First distribution—e. g. version 9.52

Following the finished test phase we send an intial version of the recent quarterly update. This release is online only. The software can be downloaded from the customers portal on the homepage in the "service" section. The release also represents a "feature freeze", meaning that this quarterly version will only receive bug fixes from that point on.

Second distribution—e. g. version 9.52k

These bug fixes are marked with a letter after the version number. At the end of every quarter the most recent version is provided online for downloading or via shipped CDs, unless the latter has been deselected. Afterwards, the cycle begins anew.